Onboarding on autopilot

Many organizations experience challenges with onboarding in terms of ensuring that new employees have easy access to exactly the content that is relevant and necessary for them.

Med plan2learn får du én samlet indgang til alt dit arbejde med læring, træning og onboarding. Du kan bygge unikke onboardingforløb til hver afdeling, og sende læring til nye medarbejdere ganske automatisk.

  • Courses and learning materials gathered in one place
  • Automatically send the right courses to the right users
  • Keep an overview of individual employees' progress
  • Build your own e-learning and create material that keeps users engaged
  • Access your learning from all devices - PC, tablet mobile or in Teams
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Increased morale

New employees are 58% more likely to stay with the organization for more than three years if they have had a structured onboarding process – and that makes a difference.

Faster ROI

Successful onboarding increases the likelihood that new employees will create value faster. In fact, it can reduce the time until the employee creates value by up to 60%.

Automatic administration

With plan2learn, you set your onboarding process on autopilot and collect all the relevant content in a single course, which the new employee is automatically signed up for upon their employment.

Build your own e-learning

A good onboarding will be personal and adapted to the individual employee, so it will benefit you to tailor learning for new employees in different departments.

With our eDesigner, your employees can build their own e-learning materials, which can be adapted to fit various tasks and positions within your company. 

  • Build personal learning materials for every department
  • Create materials with pictures, videos, quizzes etc.
  • Build your own quizzes and choose between multiple choice, true/false, etc.
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Design the process

Your onboarding process can be composed of everything from courses and e-learning, to interviews and physical training in the order you want. Create a series of courses that progresses over time and only unlocks the next step when the employee has completed the previous course.

You can easily build a target group so that every new employee within a department will have their courses sent automatically.

  • Build a specific onboarding proces for all your departments
  • Set up target groups and send learning to your users automatically
  • Templates ensure that you never have to do the same task twice

Employee overview

Your employees have access to their onboarding process with a few clicks, where they can access all the necessary details for their training.

The employee can follow their progress, see how many courses they are registered for and how many of the courses they have already completed.

The employee will be able to access their coures from this page. From here, they can then open the course with a single click.

  • Employees can find all their learning in one place
  • Learning material can be accessed with a single click
  • Available on all devices
Guide til onboarding

Download our onboarding guide

A new hire comes with lots of expectations for both parties. It is extremely important that the organization ensures a smooth landing in the new surroundings. This is why a good onboarding process is absolutely crucial.

You will be able to read how onboarding provides:
• Increased productivity and job satisfaction
• Greater commitment to the organisation
• Lower employee turnover

Preboarding strengthens your onboarding

You shouldn't ignore preboarding just because your onboarding is strong. With an effective preboarding, you keep new employees motivated and equip them with all the necessary tools to make the onboarding process a success.
Therefore, you should consider preboarding as an important addition to your onboarding.

Dialog i onboarding
Esbjerg kommune onboarding

Esbjerg has automated their onboarding

With plan2learn, Esbjerg Municipality has built a completely automatic onboarding process that ensures a smooth start for new employees and saves the municipality 1,200 hours of work annually.
Read how they reached their goals in the full case.

Onboarding made easy with plan2learn

  • Preparation

    When the employee is registered in your AD or payroll system, the employee is automatically created in plan2learn. The system then recognizes the employee's position, department, employment date, etc. after which the system automatically registers them for the relevant onboarding process.

  • Automate

    When the employee is registered for the onboarding process, an automatic email is sent out with a direct link to the material. From here, the employee is one click away from relevant documents, e-learning, registering for courses & management interviews, etc.

  • Documentation

    The manager has easy access to an overview of his employees' progress in the onboarding process, including pending interviews. In addition, the manager can set up a personalized overview and send reminders, add or remove employees for courses and meetings, etc.

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