Digitize your upskilling

Many organizations find it difficult to assess how the competencies of their employees match the organisation's strategy. For example, if the employees have the necessary skills to solve their assigned tasks.

With plan2learn, you can keep track and manage your employees' development, so that you avoid a competence gap. This allows you to plan courses and upskilling initiatives on a data-driven basis, and allow you to carry out strategic competence development.

Personal training

Build unique upskilling plans for specific employees or departments. This allows for more personal and engaging learning.

Strategic leadership

Easy for managers to keep track of individual employees and their progress. Quickly learn how far an employee has progressed and which courses have already been completed.

Tailor made learning

With upskilling plans and target groups for different departments, you will always hit the right employees with the right learning - simple and automatic

Simple and strategic upskilling

When you conduct your development of employee skills in plan2learn, you will always be able to moniter the skill profile of all your employees, their current selection of courses and the exact courses they have completed.

This allows for easy identification of potential skill gaps in a department and allows for strategic planning of upskilling initiatives.

  • Build upskilling plans for different groups of employees
  • Put together courses, e-learning and tasks in a single workflow
  • Automatic delivery of learning materials to specific employees
  • Easy for managers to keep track of employees and courses

The Capital Region has automated their skill management

"We have built a large number of different courses that adapt to specific employees. We have over 45,000 employees, whom conduct their training through the system, and plan2learn keeps track of the documentation of the individual employee's skill development"

– Jesper Melek Nielsen – Business development, Region Hovedstaden

The process with plan2learn

  • Demands

    What requirements are placed on the organization's employees? What can you actively do to ensure that the employees in your department have the necessary skills to achieve your strategic goals?

  • Matrix

    With plan2learn, you get a complete overview of your employees' skills using our matrix. With color coded tracking, you can quickly identify individual employees or a specific group of skills.

  • Gap

    The matrix allows you to analyze which skills your employees lack. Then you can easily identify whether your employees live up to your current strategic goals.

  • Planning

    With upskilling in plan2learn, it will be easy for you to plan and execute a skill boost. Select courses can be made mandatory and the skills are assigned to employees automatically when a course has been completed.

You need to conduct onboarding

You must ensure that your employees acquire the right skills so that they are ready to excel at their new workplace. You can do this with the help of a thorough introduction to the organisation's values, objectives and internal security procedures. In plan2learn, you can tailor a course to ensure that your new employees obtain the necessary knowledge and are able to act in compliance with the workplace's guidelines.

You need to document certain skills

According to Danish law, you must be able to document your employees' skills in certain areas. For example, if an employee must have completed a first aid coursein order to be able to carry out their work. Plan2learn helps you plan the employees' training course, as well as the documentation of the acquired skills. Competence development in plan2learn can also be integrated into your shift planning system.

You need to transfer responsibilites

One of your employees quits and you need to know which skills you are losing. With skill development in plan2learn, you have the opportunity to compensate for your lost skills. You can easily see what knowledge must be transferred before the employee leaves the workplace. Finally, you can plan an upskilling process for a given employee, corresponding to the skills you are losing, so you ensure that the off-boarding process runs optimally for your organisation.

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