Course administration

One simple tool for your course administration

Med plan2learn har du én samlet indgang til alt dit arbejde med kursusadministration, som fjerner dine manuelle opgaver gennem automatisering, overblik og samlet styring.

Du kan nemt vedligeholde alle kurserne i jeres katalog, sammensætte nye kurser og tilgå an advanced overview of the course participants' progress.

Kursister kan selv gå på opdagelse i dit kursuskatalog, tilmelde sig deres ønskede kurser, og selv holde styr på deres fremskridt under deres personlige “min side”.


Simple administration

With employees divided into target groups, and automatic delivery of courses, you never need to do the same task twice.

Automatic onboarding

Build unique onboarding courses for your different departments and send the courses automatically. Keep track of individual employees' progress in the dashboard.

Learning on the go

Employees can easily access their courses on the go, regardless of which device they prefer and at any time of the day. They can even access their courses in Microsoft Teams with our Teams app.

Build your own e-learning

With our eDesigner, it is fast and easy to build simple e-learning material and quizzes for your employees directly in plan2learn. You never need to leave the system, as you can both build the material and apply it to a course in the same workflow.

  • A simple and intuitive authoring tool, directly in your LMS
  • Create materials with pictures, videos, quizzes etc.
  • Byg dine egne quizzer, og vælg mellem multiple choice, rigtigt/forkert osv.
  • Easily adjust graphic elements to match your visual identity

End to end automation

With plan2learn, you can put your entire course administration on autopilot, and digitize the manual processes that eats so many of your resources. This covers everything from targeting and registration of courses, evaluation, implementation of learning and task management by administrators.

  • Automatic delivery of learning material to employees
  • Set up target groups and send the right learning to the right users
  • Templates ensure that you never have to do the same task twice
  • Completion of courses will automatically be documented

Personal onboarding and education

Onboarding can often be a time- and resource-heavy process, but plan2learn lets you put the process on autopilot. When you use plan2learn for your onboarding, you can look forward to:

  • Courses and learning materials gathered in one place
  • Build unique onboarding courses for your different departments
  • Keep track of individual employees' progress in our dashboard
  • Build your own e-learning and create material that keeps users engaged
  • Employees can easily access their learning on all devices
En fremstilling af onboarding funktionen i plan2learn

The process with plan2learn

  • Overview

    With plan2learn, you get an overview of all courses and activities, both as a course participant and administrator. You can filter them by searching or using tags. You can also inquire about new courses, and receive automatic notification when a new course is offered.

  • Sign-up

    The intuitive flow in Plan2learn makes it easy for you, as a user, to register. Among other things, you have the option of synchronizing the activities with your calendar, receiving reminders, viewing a timetable and getting driving directions.

  • Automation

    Course administration becomes easier with plan2learn. The system can automatically handle many tasks, such as waiting list management, sending confirmations, reminders, course certificates, printing participant lists, etc.

  • Documentation

    When a course has been completed, you can use plan2learn for evaluation, as well as registration of attendance and implementation, among other things. You can easily extract data to Excel and pdf for reporting and statistics.

"Course administration with plan2learn solves challenges for us through automation, overview and task management. Doctors in training, for example, have obligatory courses. They are easily registered, and after that, all correspondence runs automatically, and we can subsequently use the system to document that the doctors have completed their required training.”

Mia Nørby, system manager in Region Nord

Simple course administration for the entire organization

As a user you can easily find and register for courses via the course catalogue. You also have a personal page where you can keep track of your upcoming and completed courses, as well as download documentation of completion

Som underviser har du din egen personlige side i plan2learn. Du kan nemt registrere fremmøde på dine hold, se de forskellige undervisningsmaterialer, og tilgå resultaterne for dine kursister.

As an administrator you avoid repeating the same process every time you need to create a course. In plan2learn, you only need to create components once, which includes confirmations, notifications, reminders, addresses and evaluations.

As a leader you get an overview of your employees' skills and activities. With the status report, you can quickly find out about the employees' registrations and required courses and certifications that have expired.

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