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What is plan2learn?

Plan2learn is a learning management system for organising and conducting all kinds of learning activities, such as e-learning, courses, onboarding and in-person events.

With our LMS, you will have óne central platform for every task within your course administration. This will reduce the strain on your ressources by using automation, giving you a complete overview and providing greater control.

We help all types of companies - public as well as private - to solve the challenges that are typically associated with organising and administrating course activities, education and conferences.

LMS Læringsplatform
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The leading learningplatform

  • A complete overview, task management and automatic documentation
  • Save time, money and resources by automating workflows
  • Complete platform for all employees for e-learning and courses
  • Digital self-service for employees, instructors and managers
  • Build your own e-learning and create material that keeps users engaged

Onboarding on autopilot

Many organizations experience challenges in ensuring that new employees can easily access the content that is relevant to them. When you use plan2learn for your onboarding, you will be able to look forward to:

  • Courses and learning materials gathered in one place
  • Automatically send the right courses to the right users with target groups
  • Keep an overview of individual employees' progress in our dashboard
  • Employees can easily access their learning on all devices
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