Build your own e-learning

Our eDesigner lets you take control and build your own e-learning material. You will easily be able to produce simple e-learning materials that can be included in the training of your employees.

With our eDesigner, it is fast and easy to build simple e-learning material and quizzes for your employees directly in plan2learn. You never need to leave the system, as you can both build the material and apply it to a course in the same workflow.

byg e-læring eller fil til onboarding

Build personal learning materials

The eDesigner is a simple and user-friendly tool where you build your own materials with just a few clicks. Put together your material as you wish, and choose between video, images and quizzes.

Design your own quizzes

Put together quizzes with different question types and test your employees' knowledge of the material. Choose between multiple choice, true/false, etc.

Plug n' play

When you have built one or more learning materials, you can simply start using it as a stand-alone course or as part of a longer series of courses.

Advantages with the eDesigner

  • A simple and intuitive authoring tool, directly in your LMS
  • Create materials with pictures, videos, quizzes etc.
  • Build your own quizzes and choose between multiple choice, true/false, and more
  • Easily adjust graphic elements to match your visual identity

Build your own e-learning with our guide

I our guide we explain the many options within e-learning, and some best practice approaches that you should be aware of when building e-learning. You will be able to read more about:

• Guidelines when working with e-learning
• Which tool do you use to build e-learning?
• When should you use quizzes and tests?

Guide til at bygge e-læring

An example of a course built with the eDesigner

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From idea to e-learning

  • Build

    Build your desired e-learning material with the eDesigner, where you can freely choose between text elements, images and graphics, video etc. While you build the material, you may want to use a quiz as the final element. This is just as easy to build, and allows for both multiple choice or right/wrong.

  • Administration

    When your material has been built, you can easily connect it to a longer educational flow, or set it up as a new, stand-alone course. Subsequently, it will function as a standard course in plan2learn.

  • Apply

    Your users can now freely use your home-made e-learning, and if you have included the option to give feedback, then the users will be able to give their suggestions for possible improvements to any future materials.

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