Course provider

Gather your course catalogue

We collect all your work with course administration in a unified digital platform. By quickly creating courses, using templates, and setting up target groups, you can put your entire course administration on autopilot.

You will provide your customers with a comprehensive catalog for all your courses and activities, where they can easily search for new courses. You will also give them an overall overview of their current progress, and let them access the course with a few clicks.

A customer can browse your course catalogue, find the courses they want, register and complete the course, all on their own. As such, you provide your customers with greater self-service, while saving your own time and ressources.

LMS Læringsplatform

Build your own course academy

Build a digital course store where your entire course offering is gathered in one place and can be easily searched.

Handle corporate clients

Set up your own customer hierarchy, where all your customers will appear in a comprehensive overview, meaning you always have control over subscriptions and invoicing.

Easily manage resources

You will be able to easily register resources such as teachers, rooms and other tools, and manage their availability. This makes booking resources easy and manageable.

Build your own catalogue

As a private course provider, you will be able to build your own course catalogue, where you can easily design and present your courses and activities to your customers. This could be e-learning, face-to-face teaching, or longer blended learning courses.

Your customers will be able to easily search for relevant courses and have the option of subscribing to the activities that they want to be kept up to date with in the future. You will be able to build your own customer hierarchy, where all your customers and the courses they have purchased will be illustrated.

  • Design your own course catalogue
  • Overview of your customers and their purchased courses
  • Participants in open classes can invoice courses to their own company

Keep focus on the customer

You can set up your courses in categories, such as sales, health, and personal development. This ensures that your customers will easily be able to keep an overview of your entire range of courses and learning activities.

Customers can explore the course catalog themselves, register for desired courses and keep track of their progress on their own page.

If a customer signs up for a lengthier course containing several courses and activities to be completed, the course will have its own dashboard with an overall overview.

  • A simple method of tracking your upskilling activities
  • Courses and activities all in one place
  • Accessible on all devices

Overview for managers

When a customer buys one of your courses, you will have the opportunity to give their managers access to our management module. Here, a course manager will get a complete overview of all his course participants, which courses and activities they are already registered for, and which certifications they have achieved.

With the manager overview, it will always be clear when an assignment needs approval, or when a manager must step in to help course participants further in the process. Automatic notifications can notify managers about their trainees progress or struggles.

  • Managers have an overview of their own courses and course participants
  • A manager can quickly register employees for courses
Billede af kursusadministration i Plan2learn

Manage ressources

You will easily be able to handle all your ressources, such as teachers, locations, tools, etc. You decide whether a teachers availability is controlled by an administrator, or by the teacher himself.

Booking a teacher can be handled through a calendar view, wherein their availability is always clear. From here, an administrator can easily book a teacher, locations or tools for use in the courses.

  • Simple overview of all your resources
  • Let your teachers manage their own opening hours
  • Book resources quickly and easily

“Course coordinators can see everything at once. They have a comprehensive overview of the various instructors and their schedule, so they can quickly identify who is free on which day. Therefore, they can quickly respond to our customers and tell them the relevant details about the booking. It has made everyday life easier and more manageable for our course office"

Karsten Holt, Head of Department at Falck

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