Falck: We streamlined our course offering

Falck wanted a new platform to handle their large range of courses. After the switch to plan2learn, Falck has streamlined the administration of its course offering, and now saves both time and resources in their administration.

A need for self-service 

Falck is one of the largest course providers in Denmark, and offers a wide range of courses to external customers. As such, when a customer books a course with Falck, it requires a large workflow. A coordinator will have to find an available instructor, check what type of course it is, note where it will be held and make the final booking.

This is a resource-intensive task, as the coordinator must try to optimize the use of the various elements while keeping expenses to a minimum.  

When Falck's current platform could no longer be adapted to their needs, they decided to look for a new solution. This coincided well with their wish to offer its customers more self-service on their platform.

”Vi ønskede et nyt system, hvor kunderne kunne booke sig til kurser på egen hånd. Derudover skulle det været et standardsystem, hvor vi ikke selv skulle stå for udviklingen”  - Tinna Grubbe, Udviklings- og projektleder hos Falck

After surveying the market, the choice fell on plan2learn, as the system met Falck's requirements and already had other customers with similar structures.  

”Our choice became plan2learn as they had a system that met our requirements and would be able to let our customers serve themselves. In addition, they had other customers who were interesting and had similar workflows to our own," elaborates Tinna Grubbe.

Greater overview and automation 

Since Falck started using plan2learn for its course administration, they have noticed a greater overview and more efficient processes.  

"Our processes have become simpler and it is easier to handle our customers, as we have gained a greater overview. Booking teachers for our courses has become much faster as well," says Tinna Grubbe. 

This helped eliminate a large part of the manual work that can often plague course providers such as Falck.  

“Course coordinators can see everything at once. They have a comprehensive overview of the various instructors and their schedule, so they can quickly identify who is free on which day. Therefore, they can quickly respond to our customers and tell them the relevant details about the booking. It has made everyday life easier and more manageable for our course office" - Karsten Holt, Head of Department at Falck

Furthermore, the platform has ensured that Falck can put several of their usual tasks on autopilot. This also saves on several of the manual resources in the organization. 

"Small things like automatic delivery of emails has also made the coursework easier. When a course has been booked, an email is automatically sent to customers, whereas before we had to copy and paste the information manually. This makes the process much faster than before, as a singular case has probably had its processing time halved," elaborates Karsten Holt. 

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Greater self-service and blended learning 

Falck is still getting to know the platform, but there are big plans for the future. Work is still underway to enable customers to book their own courses, which is expected to become a reality very soon. In addition, Falck will start experimenting with blended learning courses, wherein the theoretical knowledge from the various courses is handled digitally.  

"We want the theory in our first aid and fire courses to be held as e-learning. As a result, only the practical part is held at the customers' premises. This is something our customers have been asking for for a long time, as they can rarely write off 7 hours of a working day to do a course. By using blended learning, we can cut down on much of the teaching time," concludes Karsten Holt. 

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